meet the crew

Love animals? Got a sense of humor? Well, you’ll fit right in with our team! We’ve seen the good, the bad, the gross, and the funny when it comes to pets. Our approach to vet care is grounded in our eight core values. We are caretakers, promise-keepers, problem solvers, and change-makers. Our team has a combined 109 years of vet care experience and is well-equipped to service your pet. It’s our hope that when you visit Cheap Pricks, you leave with peace of mind knowing that you received high-quality care for your dog or cat, without breaking the bank!

a few of our favorite vet care stories

Dr. Landrum once had a cat owner come in with a worm to get a diagnosis. He assumed it was from the cat, but after examining it, saw that it looked more like a bladder worm. From a human. And as it turned out, the worm had come from the cat owner – not the cat!

Holly had a near cat-astrophe when a very scared cat attempted to exit the vet’s office through a crack in the ceiling tiles!