Cats have so many interesting quirks, don’t they? Unfortunately, most cats instinctually don’t drink enough water as is, so it’s important to entice them to drink clean, fresh water as much as possible. Have you ever caught your cat drinking out the toilet and wondered why the heck they’re drinking out of that instead of their water bowl?

Here’s why – and how to prevent it going forward.

1. The water bowl is right next to their food.

Most food and water bowls for pets are sold as a set, so naturally you would think to put them right next to each other. However, doing so is a big no-no in the cat world.

A cat’s instincts tell them to avoid water that’s located near their food because it could be a source of bacteria. 

They’re also biologically programmed to have to find water and hunt food in different places, as well as hide from predators while eating or drinking. 

To solve this, simply move the water bowl at least 3-5 feet away from their food.

2. They prefer running water.

Animals, like humans, see running water as more sanitary than still water. Therefore, a toilet with flushing capabilities seems like a fresher source than that water bowl you just cleaned. 

Consider investing in a pet water fountain! There are many variations in price, material, and features to fit your home environment available. 

3. Their water bowl is dirty.

This one is a no-brainer. If your drinking glass hadn’t been cleaned or refreshed in a week, you likely wouldn’t want to drink out of it either. Be sure you are cleaning their bowl frequently to keep it bacteria-free and refill with cool water to add some extra enticement.

4. They’re not a fan of their water bowl.

Cats have strong preferences and can be a bit fussy, as we all know. Consider the material and size of your current water bowl to satisfy your feline friend.

If it’s plastic, you may have found the reason they prefer the loo. Plastic bowls can taint the water, which is why cats often prefer metal, glass, or ceramic (hence the toilet).

Cats also prefer more shallow bowls to avoid having their whiskers touch the edges of the bowl. 

No more porcelain throne water for you, Mr. Whiskers!

We hope this article helps you to keep your kitty kiddo out of the toilet going forward! If you continue to have concerns about your cat’s water habits, we encourage you to discuss with your vet. Book an appointment with us today!