Our Why

To pets and pet owners, we believe base-level pet care should be easy and affordable. To our partners and employees, we believe in providing lifelong opportunities.


We subscribe to the theory that a little maintenance goes a long way. We also believe a little maintenance shouldn’t require a lot of time or money. The way we see it, if nothing else, pet owners should at a minimum consider annual vaccinations and monthly preventatives.  We aim to provide the most flexible scheduling and affordable options when it comes to basic pet wellness. No time to make a reservation? No problem, just show up and we’ll take care of you.  Want the predictability of a reservation, but don’t want to book weeks or months in advance, also not a problem. You can make a reservation at your convenience whether it’s this afternoon or end of next week. No matter the case, you are going to get the most accessible and affordable care available.


Embrace Change

We seek out and embrace change, and get comfortable in knowing that if we’re not continuously changing, growing, and improving, we are on a path to destruction. Every year at Cheap Pricks will look different than the previous.


Build Relationships Everyday

Get to know your co-workers as people. Get to know your customers as people.  By knowing co-workers and customers as friends we can serve them in a more meaningful way.


Be Consistent

Progress isn’t made through the intensity of a single grand action but through the consistency of a thousand little ones. This consistency is how we earn trust and loyalty from all those we engage with.


Do what you say

In an age when few return phone calls or show up on time, do the opposite.  If you say you will do something, you will follow through.  If this means making a phone call, it will happen. If it means helping someone, you will do it.  This is one area where you should give yourself zero forgiveness.


Those in a bigger hurry will win

We’re hungry, we’re passionate, we love tough problems and new challenges, and we’re impatient in achieving success. When faced with a hurdle, we jump. We go fast and therefore we grow fast.


Be accountable

We embrace that we shape the future of this company by demonstrating complete ownership of our responsibilities, no matter how big or small.


Business is a voting machine

Customers cast their ballot for or against us by doing business with us.  This is a vote for our ideals, our vision, our enthusiasm, our demeanor, and our execution.  Wavering on any of these in our daily actions is a lost customer, which is why we do not waver.


Be a Problem Solver

We accept that we have a duty as problem solvers, individually and as a company, to provide the best solution, even if that solution does not directly serve our own needs.