What is a Microchip?

Microchips are small chips implanted underneath a pet’s skin to provide unique and reliable identification.

To implant it, a needle is used to place a little chip under the animal’s skin, usually between the shoulder blades. That chip has a unique number on it that can be picked up and read by a scanner.

How do microchips help lost pets?

Microchips help when someone picks up your lost pet and takes them to a shelter or veterinarian’s office to be scanned for a chip. Some people think chips are like a tracker or a GPS device, but a microchip only works if someone scans the chip.

Once the chip’s number as well as the name of the company that made the chip is confirmed, they’ll contact that company to find the owner. Keep in mind, the chip is only as good as the registration.

A lot of people think, “OK, I’ve got this in. I’m done.” However, if your registration isn’t submitted and kept current, it’s useless.

Did you know? Microchipping can increase a pet’s chance of finding home by 500%.

Many more pets are microchipped than are properly registered. You have to get the paperwork and make sure that chip is registered to you, with your phone numbers. If you move or you change your phone numbers, you need to update that information.

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