Bordetella & Kennel Cough: Everything You Need to Know

Dog sick with bordetella

What is Bordetella (aka Kennel Cough)? Bordetella bronchiseptica is the most common bacterial agent responsible for kennel cough in dogs, causing inflammation of your dog’s upper respiratory system. How do dogs get kennel cough aka Bordetella bronchiseptica? Kennel cough spreads from dog to dog through aerosol droplets, direct contact, or contact with contaminated surfaces like […]

So Your Dog Got High… Here’s What’s Next

High Dog Laying Down

Did your dog decide to partake in 420 festivities and accidentally get high? First off, don’t freak out! Your dog will be most likely okay. But, unfortunately, ingesting cannabis can cause issues for canines since it affects them differently than humans. This is called marijuana toxicity. For canines, cannabis is not typically fatal but it […]

Rabies: Everything You Need to Know

Cat and Dog

You’ve heard of rabies, and you know your pet needs an annual shot and tag for it. When you picture it, you likely think of foaming at the mouth and… that’s about it. So, let us educate you with the facts you need to know to keep your pet safe and healthy. What is it? […]

Tips to Soothe Your Dog During Thunderstorms


April showers bring May flowers, right? Unfortunately, April showers also bring canine panic attacks for some pet owners. With storm season now upon us, use these tips to make sure you and your dog are prepared to help ease fear and anxiety. Why are some dogs scared of storms? Having a fear of at least […]

Why Does My Cat Prefer Toilet Water Over Her Water Bowl?

Cat under sink faucet

Cats have so many interesting quirks, don’t they? Unfortunately, most cats instinctually don’t drink enough water as is, so it’s important to entice them to drink clean, fresh water as much as possible. Have you ever caught your cat drinking out the toilet and wondered why the heck they’re drinking out of that instead of […]